Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Computer mediated communication (CMC)

Computer mediated communication or CMC is a new developing platform feature for the interactive communication concept. As the globalization takes the important role in evolution of the technology and fast changing society today, the need for the CMC is very important as it deliver fast networking processes via devices that support the CMC.  According to Hiltz and Johnson (1990) “ the most common form of CMC is ‘electronic mail’ or message system that delivery discrete text communication from a sender to one or more recipients via computer networks”(p. 740). For example, email are the 'electronic mail' that are provided by various provider such as the Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. Using the email service we can deliver and send our message to the other part of the world. It very fast and convenient.
We as a new generation of technology, the uses of CMC has taken and shaping our daily motion of live especially in the aspect of communication. Many of us especially the society nowadays can’t live without CMC. Using CMC, we can interact with other people at other place which are far beyond our reach. CMC are largely uses at the business sector especially in communicating with the lower and upper structure of an organization. Bishop and Levine study in 1999 stated “for the first time employees can easily broadcast beyond their immediate physical location” (p. 214). The globalization of CMC encourages the economic and industry to growth Product can be easily advertised through the internet such the use of  E-commerce.

The utilizing of the CMC technology allows us to experience tremendous reliable and fast communication support. We as a student especially engage in interactive communication through available CMC medium provided such as the video calling, video conference, internet calling using a variety of platform such as Wassup, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger etc with a free of charge. The experience in using this CMC technology help student to engage in leaderless communication, meting schedule can be arrange anytime without the need to meet face to face, and we can send files through the CMC medium, it is very fast and practical to use. Our group agreed that using the CMC, we actually can relate some of the theories and argument from what have learned in the class. December (1996) stated that “Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) is the process by which people create, exchange, and perceive information using networked telecommunications systems (or non-networked computers) that facilitate encoding, transmitting, and decoding messages”.The experiences of using the emoticon as a form of expression has really shape how the society perceived their felling. The expression care digital and abstract but it manages to bring some excited of attention. Below is a example of emoticon that we usually used as a form of unique expression.

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