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Foulcalt's and identity: LGBT

Surfing the internet, there are few blogs that represent the identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group. Some of the examples of this website are, Queer Malaysian, Fridae and katagender blog. These websites act as blog, social media and dating sites for the LGBT community.

These LGBT blogs represent the identities of these LGBT communities that are unique to themselves which doesn’t fall onto the traditional single sex orientation society. Allen and Unwin (2000) quote Foucalt’s work on how this identity is become the way we are unique individual and selves. Foucalt’s technology of self is the way people are constructing themselves and understanding. According Sapiera (2012), Foucalt believe that these technologies worked through configuring identities in certain way. These technologies allow certain things to be experienced, discussed, felt and they prohibit others altogether.

Correlation to Foucalt’s idea, these LGBT blogs become the forum that brought together the LGBT community and create awareness on their right. These sites also create social event and become dating site to enable their communities to get together among themselves. These sites allow people to express their thought on matters which consider taboo outside and people usually uncomfortable when discussing it.

LGBT site are primarily address to its own community, however it also address toward single sex orientation society. Everyone allow participating in these sites where they can post their thought in the forum however some regulations are posted. For example Queer Malaysia restricted people to post on the basis of their perversion and racial thought. Queer Malaysia also bear on their mind that children are viewing their site so 18sx content is not allowed to be posted. Most of the LGBT site are geared toward empowering the LGBT and create awareness among them. These forms of media really align with Foucalt’s idea of technology of identity


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The change in pattern of media use: People likes to use their communication application with “always on”

Mobile phone has become a necessary for every people to stay connect with other people. Last time, people use mobile phone to call and SMS. But after the smart phone have invent, people make it as multipurpose device, for instance music player, camera, game player, and etc. Moreover, with the cheaper cost of the mobile data service, people now use the chatting application more frequently since mobile data can use anywhere and anytime. Thus people now are constantly online with their mobile data or Wi-Fi with “always on” situation . Which mean people stay online even when they are outing or traveling so that they can always check the update of status on the smart phone.  

The change of Communication in several level
When new media still not commonly use, people only communicate in small group yet most of them are face-to-face communication, hence people are hard to interact with each other. But after new media comes in, it changes the way of people communicate. According to Bala (2014), the new media has bring lots of impact on various communication level. In group communication, people can interact regularly in 10-20 people even in hundred people in a group and the information are shared virally. Bala (2014) also mention the impact of new media towards public communication, politician used the internet to connect young voter to attract their vote and this way are very successful. Last but not least, there are also impact on the mass communication. The mainstream TV and radio channels, newspaper now will checking social networking site to get the latest news update, this is the fastest way to get the news. Besides, new media provide the platform for journalist to write their article and blog without depend on the editor or publisher, they can write more freely and gain more revenue than the past. 

People use web search more frequently
In the past, people gain the information they need by going library or using non-web search. But now a days, most of the people has taken less time to gain their information by using web search. In fact, according to a research, they found that web search are unsurprisingly faster than non-web search. This causes many people makes use web searching for information as an everyday activity (Chen, Jeon, & Kim, 2013). According to Purcell, Brenner, and Rainie (2012), there are total 91% of the internet activities are using a search engine and the highest rate of people who search for information are university student due to they use to search for their academic information. Thus we can see that, the invention of new media causes people change their information searching method from non-web searching to web-searching, this causes the information flow became very fast.

How one issue are facilitated and implicated by mobile media

Through mobile media there are many issue that can be reach easily at any time and place that have network line. Many event and issue that happen around the world can be known by the person from the other side of the world in just a few second and a click. For example when a tragedy MH 370 happen that cause the shock to the world, people furiously stated to search latest information about that tragedy and one of the medium that they use to search the information are mobile  media.

By using mobile media, people especially the victim family can search the latest news about the tragedy facilitated. Information such as how the family are, what really happen to the flight and other can be reach by mobile media. Although that information cant be find until today, the use a mobile media very helpful in this tragedy. People use the mobile media such as Facebook, Twitter, news apps like BBC and other to get the information about the issue. by getting the information, and the news spread many news about the sympathy message from other country and helping hand to help reach rapidly.

The use of mobile media also implicated the search of the flight MH 370. It is because when the news is spreading people are trying to help. There are many rumors about the flight can be heard. Some said their saw the flight and other tells the different story. The rumors can  disturb the investigation, but it also can help when the information are right such as when their found the the part of the flight in the Reunion Island.

The advantage of mobile media in the issue
There are many advantage of using mobile media nowdays. The event and issue of MH 370 are the example how mobile media very helpful as a tools to get information in just a few second. Getting such a fast information are important so that the family of the victim of flight MH 370 can know the latest news about the flight where ever there are. The advantage of mobile media in this issue also can be look when people around the world show their sympathy through their social media. 

The disadvantage of the mobile media in the issue
Although the information update are very fast and instant, the information are not necessary accurate. This is because everyone can share and post the information and causes the information overload. The information overload can hence cause confuse of which information are truth and which are not rumour. In case, the fake news about MH 370 has found causes many people believe and get fooled by the news (Divakaran, 2016). Many people were believed it without verify the reliability until the news has been prove that it is fake. Hence it is very important to verify the news before share in public. 


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Online Journalism: Heat stroke

We often heard that every media always show the current issues that happened in world today. The current issues that happened now is the El-Nino phenomenon in Malaysia on 2016 and it has lead to heat stroke. Even that the issues are new but many bloggers writing about that illness. Heat Stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a medical emergency. Heat stroke also known as sunstroke which is can cause damage to the brain and other internal organs. Heat stroke is a condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures.

                        Source: Google images

Equinox phenomenon where the sun will be at the centre of the equator with a high temperature. This often happened in afternoon at 12.00 to 3.00 p.m. This phenomenon also frequently happened on March and also September.The high temperature that happened make we exposed to the heat stroke that is the temperature that over than 40.5 celcius. The normal body temperature of human should be 37 celcius and if it is more than that, it will lead to fever or may cause heat stroke as stated above. 

When our body temperature over than normal temperature, we will feel our body sweating and we will feel very hot. If it is happened continuously, it will make our body loss of water . Then, we will experience dehydration, epilepsy, and our brain cannot be functioning well and also can lead to death. Other than that, heat stroke also can attack everybody and it is not specific to one's person. It also can happened to animals and also our pets. However, the most individuals that have a high risk to have a heat stroke is old folks, diabetes patient, obesity and also people that have hipertiroidisme. 

According the blogs has been written by bloggers about the heat stroke they writing in various way to give reader understand about the phenomena. Then, it also have similarities and differences about the writing. We have take some blogs that have been writing this phenomena. In the blog writer most writing about the dangerous, symptoms, prevention and death cases happened.

For instant, that illness can bring someone to death because of body overheating and it can attack the brain until brain cannot be function. For example in Malaysia first cases of the heat stroke is on 17 March 2016 a male 23 years old has dead during event ice breaking  he collapsed at parade square. After that have 11 cases heat exhaustion and three patients has been recognize as heat stroke illness at Putrajaya. Causes of the death cases Kementerian Kesihatan has came out the campaign about dangerous of heat stroke. In television like RTM and TV3 always show about the symptoms, how to prevent and teach society do and do not do during El Nino phenomena. This is written in Rapi's blog and Siakap Keli's blog. They writing the same issue for all people or society alert about the phenomena.
For Siakap Keli News, the writer only explain about the people death cause of heat stroke. The writer not mention the symptoms and how to prevent the phenomena compare Rapi's news/blog, the writer mention about dangerous of the heatstroke. Then they mention how to know the symptom if someone get heatstroke and how to prevent the symptoms for not become worse. Utusan online writing about heatstroke in different way which is they only mention about the death causes of heatstroke. The writer did not mention about the how to prevent and symptoms of heat stroke. So, we can see differences of blog have different ways of they present their idea about the certain issues. 

There is several type of prevention for person who infect with heat stroke. Victims must receive immediate treatment to avoid permanent organ damage. First and foremost, cool the victim. Get the victim to a shady area, remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin, fan the victim to promote sweating and evaporation and place ice packs under armpits and groin. If the person is able to drink liquids, have them drink cool water or other cool beverages that do not contain alcohol or caffeine. But the most important measures to prevent heat stroke are avoiding vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather and also avoid becoming dehydrated.
There are several step that need to be consideration for the people that have heat stroke. One of it is to stay at the cold place and at the shady place that no too exposed to the sunlight. Beside that, the high temperature can be reduced if the individuals placed under the fan and wipe the body with a wet towel. Patient also can bath to reduced the body temperature. Instead of that, the another step that should be taken is to avoid ourselves with the outdoor activities that exposed to the sunlight. The patient also should be encourages themselves to drink a water in a lot of quantities or at least 3 liter per day. Then the picture as follow are one of the way how to give more understanding for people.

1. What are the similarities and differences in reporting?
Some blog have similarities and differences way of blogger represent their writing.   For instant the similarities of the blog are the report has a same content, which is report about the heat stroke. The  information in both print media and online media are same. For example in utusan Online and printed news Utusan. The story or issues that have write are the same and it the same with other blog write the same topic. Beside that, all blogger can writing all what they know about the issues

The similarities of blog is many advertisement and the blogger decorate their blog being more interesting to attract readers. Then they use the simple     words and sentences for the readers to understand what they try to present.
However this blog also have differences such as;

(A) Formal and informal report
In online media, the reporters can use informal words in their reports. For example, the writer can use his own words in his blogs about the heat stroke. The writer also use mixed word and sentences in the writing such as in blog Sirap Limau. The blogger use Bahasa Malaysia and English in writing their report. On the other hand, the writers in print media are using the formal words to write their reports. This is because the reader can easily understand what the writer present. Then it not only citizen read but for among politician. If the news are not valid it can be big issues in politic.
(B) Editing
The differences between the online media and print media are the information that had written can be editing by someone in their own blogs. But in print media, once the report has print the information cannot be editing.
(C) Costs
The print media more costs that the online media. The print media need to pay the costs operating for printing and edition. Besides that, each issue in that print media also pay in different price. Usually depends on the content of pages, the size of column in the paper and the information. In other hand, most online media is free and usually less expensive than viewing in print media.
(D) Limitation of information/ validity
The information had written in print media are limited. This is because print media has to go through the printing process before it is available to its readers. In addition, the editors need some times to check the validity of the information before the printing process. In online media the readers can get the information as soon as it is available. With the advances in technology many people can now access the internet on their mobile phones, which grants them access to online media anytime anywhere.

2. What constitutes good and bad practice in online news?
The good what constitute in online news more details information about the issues and the readers not worry about the news are right or not. then online news also easy to be viral through mass media ang social media. Online media good because it has related issues which make easy to readers or people search and know more about the issues.
The bad practice in online news is the information not given fully information to readers. This is can show in Utusan Online where as they only state that about the death cases of heat stroke and the writer not give information about the causes and the prevention to avoid heat stroke
3. Recommendation?
Actually, both of the coverage are important to the people. For printed media such as newspaper and also journals, the information is valid and that's why people printed it to become the references. Beside that, the printed media also we can save it for the future references. For online media or online blog it good to people because it easy to access and people or reader may know the news immediately. When the people cannot buy the printed media such as newspaper, they will just access to the internet. In that case, the online media give a quick access to the reader.


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New media and online comsumption

“The popular understanding of new media identifies it with the use of a computer for distribution and exhibition rather than production. Accordingly, texts distributed on a computer (Web sites and electronic books) are considered to be new media, whereas texts distributed on paper are not. Similarly, photographs that are put on a CD-ROM and require a computer to be viewed are considered new media; the same photographs printed in a book are not.” (Lev Manovich, n.d)

In this era, new media are becoming part of human life especially for teenagers. A recent study by Pew Research Center, entitled “Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2010”, the findings, many of which are listed below, highlight teens’ growing dependency on media and devices. However, this consumption of technology are not just focusing only for teenagers but also people regardless of age. There are some of them are still in young age are using gadgets. In this topic, we would like to focus on online consumption among UNIMAS students and  what are the reasons behind this.
                              Source: Google images

In order to solve this question, we have conduct some survey and questionnaire are distributed through Google forms. This questionnaire are divided into 3 section. For the first section are about demographic of the respondents including their age, gender and ethnicity. Second section are about new media ownership. In this part, we have asked the respondents about if they own the gadgets. For last section, we are focusing on how much time that they used for social networking, surfing, emailing and so on.

                                  Source: Google images

Based on the result that we get from 21 respondents, most of the respondents own their gadgets such as smartphones in the total of 95.2%. This shows that the gadgets are becoming as part of important things in their life. Other than that, we also asked about other gadgets that they used besides smartphones and the result have shown majority 85.7%  respondents choose laptop as their answer. From the question on how many hours that they spend on gadgets. The results shows that majority of 38.1% of them are spending about 3-6 hours on their smartphones. That means they have used half of the day just to spend with the smartphones. The respondents are consists of students and many of them use that laptop for the assignment, research and gaming. For smartphones, they mostly use that to communicate with their friends through social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and share their life by uploading picture on Instagram.

              Source: Google images

As a conclusion, we assume that new media is one way to the new life. It shows how important technology to human being nowadays. But, we must know the limits of consumption on media. Use wisely and do not make it conquer our lives. We also must know every consequences when we use this technology.  

Resources :

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Computer mediated communication (CMC)

Computer mediated communication or CMC is a new developing platform feature for the interactive communication concept. As the globalization takes the important role in evolution of the technology and fast changing society today, the need for the CMC is very important as it deliver fast networking processes via devices that support the CMC.  According to Hiltz and Johnson (1990) “ the most common form of CMC is ‘electronic mail’ or message system that delivery discrete text communication from a sender to one or more recipients via computer networks”(p. 740). For example, email are the 'electronic mail' that are provided by various provider such as the Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. Using the email service we can deliver and send our message to the other part of the world. It very fast and convenient.
We as a new generation of technology, the uses of CMC has taken and shaping our daily motion of live especially in the aspect of communication. Many of us especially the society nowadays can’t live without CMC. Using CMC, we can interact with other people at other place which are far beyond our reach. CMC are largely uses at the business sector especially in communicating with the lower and upper structure of an organization. Bishop and Levine study in 1999 stated “for the first time employees can easily broadcast beyond their immediate physical location” (p. 214). The globalization of CMC encourages the economic and industry to growth Product can be easily advertised through the internet such the use of  E-commerce.

The utilizing of the CMC technology allows us to experience tremendous reliable and fast communication support. We as a student especially engage in interactive communication through available CMC medium provided such as the video calling, video conference, internet calling using a variety of platform such as Wassup, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger etc with a free of charge. The experience in using this CMC technology help student to engage in leaderless communication, meting schedule can be arrange anytime without the need to meet face to face, and we can send files through the CMC medium, it is very fast and practical to use. Our group agreed that using the CMC, we actually can relate some of the theories and argument from what have learned in the class. December (1996) stated that “Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) is the process by which people create, exchange, and perceive information using networked telecommunications systems (or non-networked computers) that facilitate encoding, transmitting, and decoding messages”.The experiences of using the emoticon as a form of expression has really shape how the society perceived their felling. The expression care digital and abstract but it manages to bring some excited of attention. Below is a example of emoticon that we usually used as a form of unique expression.

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