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The change in pattern of media use: People likes to use their communication application with “always on”

Mobile phone has become a necessary for every people to stay connect with other people. Last time, people use mobile phone to call and SMS. But after the smart phone have invent, people make it as multipurpose device, for instance music player, camera, game player, and etc. Moreover, with the cheaper cost of the mobile data service, people now use the chatting application more frequently since mobile data can use anywhere and anytime. Thus people now are constantly online with their mobile data or Wi-Fi with “always on” situation . Which mean people stay online even when they are outing or traveling so that they can always check the update of status on the smart phone.  

The change of Communication in several level
When new media still not commonly use, people only communicate in small group yet most of them are face-to-face communication, hence people are hard to interact with each other. But after new media comes in, it changes the way of people communicate. According to Bala (2014), the new media has bring lots of impact on various communication level. In group communication, people can interact regularly in 10-20 people even in hundred people in a group and the information are shared virally. Bala (2014) also mention the impact of new media towards public communication, politician used the internet to connect young voter to attract their vote and this way are very successful. Last but not least, there are also impact on the mass communication. The mainstream TV and radio channels, newspaper now will checking social networking site to get the latest news update, this is the fastest way to get the news. Besides, new media provide the platform for journalist to write their article and blog without depend on the editor or publisher, they can write more freely and gain more revenue than the past. 

People use web search more frequently
In the past, people gain the information they need by going library or using non-web search. But now a days, most of the people has taken less time to gain their information by using web search. In fact, according to a research, they found that web search are unsurprisingly faster than non-web search. This causes many people makes use web searching for information as an everyday activity (Chen, Jeon, & Kim, 2013). According to Purcell, Brenner, and Rainie (2012), there are total 91% of the internet activities are using a search engine and the highest rate of people who search for information are university student due to they use to search for their academic information. Thus we can see that, the invention of new media causes people change their information searching method from non-web searching to web-searching, this causes the information flow became very fast.

How one issue are facilitated and implicated by mobile media

Through mobile media there are many issue that can be reach easily at any time and place that have network line. Many event and issue that happen around the world can be known by the person from the other side of the world in just a few second and a click. For example when a tragedy MH 370 happen that cause the shock to the world, people furiously stated to search latest information about that tragedy and one of the medium that they use to search the information are mobile  media.

By using mobile media, people especially the victim family can search the latest news about the tragedy facilitated. Information such as how the family are, what really happen to the flight and other can be reach by mobile media. Although that information cant be find until today, the use a mobile media very helpful in this tragedy. People use the mobile media such as Facebook, Twitter, news apps like BBC and other to get the information about the issue. by getting the information, and the news spread many news about the sympathy message from other country and helping hand to help reach rapidly.

The use of mobile media also implicated the search of the flight MH 370. It is because when the news is spreading people are trying to help. There are many rumors about the flight can be heard. Some said their saw the flight and other tells the different story. The rumors can  disturb the investigation, but it also can help when the information are right such as when their found the the part of the flight in the Reunion Island.

The advantage of mobile media in the issue
There are many advantage of using mobile media nowdays. The event and issue of MH 370 are the example how mobile media very helpful as a tools to get information in just a few second. Getting such a fast information are important so that the family of the victim of flight MH 370 can know the latest news about the flight where ever there are. The advantage of mobile media in this issue also can be look when people around the world show their sympathy through their social media. 

The disadvantage of the mobile media in the issue
Although the information update are very fast and instant, the information are not necessary accurate. This is because everyone can share and post the information and causes the information overload. The information overload can hence cause confuse of which information are truth and which are not rumour. In case, the fake news about MH 370 has found causes many people believe and get fooled by the news (Divakaran, 2016). Many people were believed it without verify the reliability until the news has been prove that it is fake. Hence it is very important to verify the news before share in public. 


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