Sunday, 17 April 2016

Foulcalt's and identity: LGBT

Surfing the internet, there are few blogs that represent the identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group. Some of the examples of this website are, Queer Malaysian, Fridae and katagender blog. These websites act as blog, social media and dating sites for the LGBT community.

These LGBT blogs represent the identities of these LGBT communities that are unique to themselves which doesn’t fall onto the traditional single sex orientation society. Allen and Unwin (2000) quote Foucalt’s work on how this identity is become the way we are unique individual and selves. Foucalt’s technology of self is the way people are constructing themselves and understanding. According Sapiera (2012), Foucalt believe that these technologies worked through configuring identities in certain way. These technologies allow certain things to be experienced, discussed, felt and they prohibit others altogether.

Correlation to Foucalt’s idea, these LGBT blogs become the forum that brought together the LGBT community and create awareness on their right. These sites also create social event and become dating site to enable their communities to get together among themselves. These sites allow people to express their thought on matters which consider taboo outside and people usually uncomfortable when discussing it.

LGBT site are primarily address to its own community, however it also address toward single sex orientation society. Everyone allow participating in these sites where they can post their thought in the forum however some regulations are posted. For example Queer Malaysia restricted people to post on the basis of their perversion and racial thought. Queer Malaysia also bear on their mind that children are viewing their site so 18sx content is not allowed to be posted. Most of the LGBT site are geared toward empowering the LGBT and create awareness among them. These forms of media really align with Foucalt’s idea of technology of identity


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