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New media and online comsumption

“The popular understanding of new media identifies it with the use of a computer for distribution and exhibition rather than production. Accordingly, texts distributed on a computer (Web sites and electronic books) are considered to be new media, whereas texts distributed on paper are not. Similarly, photographs that are put on a CD-ROM and require a computer to be viewed are considered new media; the same photographs printed in a book are not.” (Lev Manovich, n.d)

In this era, new media are becoming part of human life especially for teenagers. A recent study by Pew Research Center, entitled “Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2010”, the findings, many of which are listed below, highlight teens’ growing dependency on media and devices. However, this consumption of technology are not just focusing only for teenagers but also people regardless of age. There are some of them are still in young age are using gadgets. In this topic, we would like to focus on online consumption among UNIMAS students and  what are the reasons behind this.
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In order to solve this question, we have conduct some survey and questionnaire are distributed through Google forms. This questionnaire are divided into 3 section. For the first section are about demographic of the respondents including their age, gender and ethnicity. Second section are about new media ownership. In this part, we have asked the respondents about if they own the gadgets. For last section, we are focusing on how much time that they used for social networking, surfing, emailing and so on.

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Based on the result that we get from 21 respondents, most of the respondents own their gadgets such as smartphones in the total of 95.2%. This shows that the gadgets are becoming as part of important things in their life. Other than that, we also asked about other gadgets that they used besides smartphones and the result have shown majority 85.7%  respondents choose laptop as their answer. From the question on how many hours that they spend on gadgets. The results shows that majority of 38.1% of them are spending about 3-6 hours on their smartphones. That means they have used half of the day just to spend with the smartphones. The respondents are consists of students and many of them use that laptop for the assignment, research and gaming. For smartphones, they mostly use that to communicate with their friends through social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and share their life by uploading picture on Instagram.

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As a conclusion, we assume that new media is one way to the new life. It shows how important technology to human being nowadays. But, we must know the limits of consumption on media. Use wisely and do not make it conquer our lives. We also must know every consequences when we use this technology.  

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